About Us

With the Australian import industry, we see so many different products bought into this country which are basically from the same factory but may have the "face" changed - ie different knobs, handles or fascia panels. They remain a top quality item, just with a different "badging"

Over the years we have found that Australians have very high requirements for Kitchen Appliances, however are still tempted to stay in the comfort zone of all the same "brand" in the Kitchen, where Europeans are well aware that one particular "brand" may have the superior oven and another "brand" may be a more suitable cooktop maufacturer.

As with many major Australian Brands, we source the "better" products from Italy and other European manufacturers and importers.

Having wholesaled to retailers for years, we are now in a position to offer the products directly to the end user via the internet, saving our costs and therefore incurring savings for you. Although you may not having the "luxury" of a recognized "brand" in Australia, you will be purchasing products manufactured from the major players in the international market, whilst still having the guarantee of reputable importers.