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Should I enquire where my kitchen appliances made?


I am often asked about any problems with parts or service availability when I tell people that the appliances they are buying  are made in Italy/Europe. More importantly as  most “brands” in Australia don’t actually make their own appliances in Australia, we need to be aware of the origin of the product.

Many consumers falsely believe that the renowned European Name on their oven or dishwasher  is made in a superior European Factory. In many cases most companies have been purchasing their dishwashers from China for years and then rebadge them under the European Design name. More and more Kitchen products are coming out of Asia, including  range hoods , ovens - even induction cooktops.

What is interesting is that many major companies in Italy and France are now moving their production to Turkey. With Turkey close to becoming   part of the EU, Turkish products will be able to be sold as “European” made. We all question Chinese made products and they have been making them for such a long   time…would the Turkish products be up to superior quality we would expect from Europe? 



                                                                                         ASCOT BY STEEL ITALY

Steel Cuisine have been producing professional quality range cookers and kitchen appliances for nearly 90 years and are renowned throughout Europe for their quality and design. In addition to range cookers and range hoods, we have now launched a range of matching side-by-side refrigerators and kitchen sink units and preparation centres

 The more traditional Ascot in rich country colour has professional functionality is built in as standard. These are the most prestigious range cookers available. You choose the style, the size and colour, how many ovens you want and then decide what functions you want on the hob top and we’ll go and make it for you. Every one of our range cookers is manufactured individually for you.

As you’d expect, all Ascot ovens are “A” energy rated and all our gas burners have flame failure devices built in. Quality and excellence of manufacture are our standard. Every product is backed by a comprehensive 3 year parts and labour warranty to give you comfort of mind.

Ascot is a more traditionally designed range cooker and we have 8 rich colours to choose from. To see each colour, scroll over the colour swatch bar below.

Again Ascot is available in 4 widths and has triple, double or single oven options. Additionally, Ascot ranges have a choice of trim options and you can choose from.

Colour options

Trim and Handle Choices