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Induction cooking is the safest and most energy efficient form of cooktops available.
The cooktop operates on a magnetic technology where the pot acts as the conductor and heats, not the glass hob.
As the Glass surface does not heat up, Induction cooktops are also the safest on the market.
The only heat is generated from the pot; therefore the surface will only ever be slightly warm. Small children will not burn their hands if they touch the surface directly.

Other Safety features include:

  • Anti-overheat
  • Anti-overflow
  • Automatic Stop
  • Child Lock safety
  • Auto Pan detection- Will only heat the size of the pan placed over the cooking zone
  • Small object detection – The cooktop will not turn on should a fork or spoon be left sitting on as cooking zone

The speed of induction cooking will outperform any electriccooktop or Gas cooktop. Induction is twice the speed ofmost gas cooktops. When boiling a 3 litre pot of water a gas hot plate will take 9 – 10 minutes whereas an induction hot plate will do it in 2 ½ minutes.

Controllability with induction is so efficient that you can even melt chocolate directly in a saucepan without having to double boil it. Temperature ranges are so responsive that you can watch the heat instantly drop from the food, from boiling to simmer instantly.

Energy efficiency is the highest of any hot plate with induction as there is little heat loss. The heat is only sent to the pot, rather than escaping to the atmosphere. Induction hotplates are 90% energy efficient.
Cleaning is so easy. As the Glass surface remains cool, any spillages don’t get baked on so residue can be wiped off easily with a damp cloth.
Induction cook tops are available in many sizes and combinations. From single induction zones to 5 zones

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