• A10FF-6W CREAM 6 Burner 100cm Double Electric Oven EX DISPLAY

1000mm Double Oven Freestanding Cooker with 6 Burner Gas Cooktop Including 2 Wok Burners with BRASS FITTINGS 

  • Easy Clean Function with water.
  • Removable oven Doors and Inner Glass for ease of cleaning
  • Fully sealed ovens
  • positive stop slides on oven racks for safety
  • Storage and warming drawer underneath ovens
  • Triple Glazed Doors to retain heat and cool to touch on outer 

Larger Oven is  Multifunction

Size 47cm(W) X 43cm(D) X 35cm(H) - 56 Litre Capacity

Grill Inner part of the upper element. The grill without the fan mode enables you to slowly grill food or brown without burning. The result will enhance 
the flavours.

Rotisserie Rotates the food for even cooking and helps reduce the fat content of the meat. Heavy Duty Rotisserie will take up to 5 Kg Meat

Fan Forced Heat is generated from the concealed element behind the fan cover. The fan circulates this heat to give a more even temperature throughout the oven. Perfect for reheating.

Fan Assisted Circulates hot air from the top to the bottom element. Perfect for melting the cheese on the pizza and creating a crisp base.

Defrosting with Fan No heat is genmerated in this mode. The fan circulates 

room temperature air to halve defrosting times. 
Perfect for defrosting bread and frozen desserts.

Bottom Element Heat is generated from the bottom element only. 
Perfect for pastry cases, paella, reheating pies 
and pastries.

Top Element Heat generated from the top element is ideal for 
toasting sandwiches and browning food.

Top & Bottom Elements Heat from the top and bottom elements provide 
traditional baking. Great for bread and cakes.

Bottom Element Top Element Grill with Fan
Grill with Fan Fan grilling cooks both sides of food at once. Ideal 
for grilling medium and thicker cuts of meat.

Oven Lights Twin halogen lights can assist you to clearly see the 
progress of the food you are cooking.

Bonus Pepita Pizza Stone Every Ascot stove comes with a complimentary Pepita fire-clay pizza 
stone. With Pepita, you will have the perfect surface for cooking in your oven without the risk of burning the meal.Great for Pizzas and Bread making

Programmable Timer Fully programmable electronic timer lets you set and forget with confidence. 

Smaller Oven

Size 26cm (W) X 43cm(D) X 35cm(H)


Top & Bottom Elements - Convection cooking

Top element alone

Bottom Element alone

Grill & Light

6 Burner Gas Cooktop Including 2 Wok Burners

  • Includes triple ring Wok Burners
  • Titanium , Scratch resitant stainless steel hob will maintain your stoves appearance.
  • one peice hob is fully moulded with rounded corners for quick and easy cleaning
  • Heavy duty commercial grade cast iron trivets ( pot supports) keep pots stable and even heat distribution
  • Flame failure safety ensures Gas is turned off should flame be exterminated


Available in 8 Different Colours with various option of trims . 



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A10FF-6W CREAM 6 Burner 100cm Double Electric Oven EX DISPLAY

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