LIEBHERR LGPv 6520 Medical & Laboratory Freezer – 602 litres


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LIEBHERR LGPv 6520 Medical & Laboratory Freezer – 602 litres

LIEBHERR LGPv 6520 Laboratory/Medical Freezer


  • 602 litres
  • Solid door
  • Fan forced
  • Made in Austria
  • Ventilated cooling system
  • Hot gas automatic defrost for stable temperatures whilst defrosting
  • Castors
  • Door lock
  • Self-closing door
  • 4 Adjustable shelves

Energy-efficient hot-gas defrost system

The hot-gas defrost system with demand and time control permits very short defrost cycles: only 8 minutes for laboratory refrigerators and 12 minutes for laboratory freezers. As a result, the internal
temperature remains almost constant during the defrost cycle. There is also the option of initiating the defrost manually.

Profi Controller

The menu-guided Profi electronic controller with integrated real-time clock allows the temperature to be set to 1/10°C accuracy. The text display has German, English, French, Spanish or Italian language setting options. To satisfy laboratory hygiene requirements, the electronic controller is flush-fitted and has an easy-clean membrane keypad.

Integrated alarm systems

A visual and audible temperature alarm alerts the user if temperature deviation limits are exceeded. Visual and audible door alarms are raised if the door is open for longer than 1 minute. There is also an immediate visual and audible alarm in the event of power failure.

Integrated data memory

The Profi electronic controller has an integrated data memory that logs the last 30 alarm events including date, time and maximum temperature as well as the internal temperature profile at 4-minute intervals. 2800 temperature logs are stored to memory, which corresponds to approximately a 7-day logging period.

3-point calibration

The laboratory appliances with Profi electronic controllers provide 3-point calibration for extremely accurate temperature control. This permits compensation between the set temperature and the actual internal temperature at as many as three temperature points. Positive or negative changes to the correction value can be made in steps of 0.1K.

The mains-independent power supply of the electronic controller

In case of power failure, the electronic controller continues to operate from an integrated 12 V battery. As a result, the memory continues to log the internal temperatures for another 72 hours even in the event of power failure. Furthermore, if external alarm and documentation systems are connected, the data transfer is maintained for as long as 72 hours.


Gross capacity: 602 litres
Dimensions (W/D/H): 700 / 830 / 2160 mm
Noise Level: 60 dB(A)
Energy efficiency: 1367 [kWh/year]



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